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Dmitry Shakhvorostov


  1. D. Shakhvorostov, M. A. Nicholls, P. R. Norton, and M. H. Müser, Mechanical properties of zinc and calcium phosphates: Structural insights and relevance to anti-wear functionality, (submitted to Eur. Phys. J. B) preprint
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  21. In proceedings:

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  28. In preparation:

  29. Influence of the Ge content in GeSb on the onset of pressure induced phase transitions, (Journal of Chemical Physics).
  30. D. Shakhvorostov, Infrared faser optical sensor for measurement of surface temperature during friction of metal/metal contacts.
  31. D. Shakhvorostov, M. Varenberg, Structure evolution of the Cu surface during first several sliding interactions.
  32. D. Shakhvorostov, M. Scherge, Formation of dissipative structures studied via peak surface temperature and wear measurement.
  33. Monographs:

  34. D. Shakhvorostov, Analysis of dissipation mechanisms in a metal/metal sliding contact by means of radioactive tracer technique and fiber-optic IR-thermometry, PhD Thesis, TU Berlin 2005.